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Lion ●now stands, and Ompteda detached th▓e 2nd light battalion of the King’s German ●Legion to hold La Haye Sainte in advance; th▓e two

Guards Brigades under ▓Byn


g and Maitland (2nd Coldstream an▓d 2nd and 3rd Foot Guards) extending ●to the Nivelle


s road, with Hougomont ▓held in front by the light companies of t▓he division of Guard


s and some Na▓ssau and Hanoverian troops; and ▓then echeloned back came Du Plat?/p>


痵 Brigade ▓and Adam’s Brigade (the 52nd, 71st, 2-▓95th, and 3-95th), in advance of which was e


xten▓ded from Hougomont to well the ▓other side of the Nivelles road (wh●ich was abattised) the 4th Brigade●, composed of the 14th, 23rd, a▓nd 51st Regiments.Its right fl●ank was covered by a220 squadro▓n of the 15th Hussars, which lin▓ked it to the

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Dutch Belgians at Braine la ●Leud. Thus the first line, often ●further subdivided into two parts,

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held th▓e ridge, with a series of advanced posts▓ and advanced troops in front, covered throu

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gh●out by skirmishers. The second line, from rig●ht to left, was mainly cavalry▓.Grant’s 3r


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